Schedule 1: InforUMobile Data Processing Addendum
20th February 2019
Security Measures
28th February 2019

InforUMobile List of Sub-Processors

Effective as of 20-02-2019

This is where we maintain a current List of Sub-Processors authorised to process Protected Data as specified in clause 8 (Sub-Processing and personnel) of the Data Protection Addendum

We impose data protection terms on each Sub-Processor regarding their technical and organisational measures for the protection of Personal Data and applicable DP Laws.

Entity NameEntity Type & Processing ActivityEntity

Safeguards (if
outside EEA)
AWSCloud server – storageIreland N/A
Infobip Ltd.Global communication networks, SMS gatewayUK and Croatia N/A
AMD Telecom S.A.Global communication networks, SMS gatewayGreeceN/A
TidioLive chat servicesPolandN/A
Category: Contact Management and GDPR