Once my SMS has been sent how do I track it?
5th November 2018
How can I import Contacts?
6th November 2018

How can I manage my Contacts on the Platform?

The Contacts Management area is accessible from the Platform toolbar:

and from within the SMS module:

Contacts Screen

On the Contacts screen you will find the following information:

  • All Active Contacts logged on the Platform. An Active Contact is a Contact that has at least one active contact detail – Email or Phone number.
  • Date created.
  • Contact details available and their status – Phone number or Email, active or opted out.

You can use the search bar to locate Contacts. The table columns can be sorted and Contacts can be exported by pressing on the Excel icon on the right. When hovering over a contact action buttons will appear. With these you can edit the Contact, edit its status and delete it.

Editing a Contact

The Contact editing screen includes all the fields and information related to the Contact – identification, contact details, affiliation to Groups on the Platform, custom fields and status:

All information is editable. Changes made must be saved by pressing the Save button.

Status Change

If you wish to change the status of a Contact’s contact details (for example Optout the Contact from the Platform or cancel the Optout if they wish to be reinstated) press on the lock in the grid:

This will open the status window in which you can make the required changes by pressing on the toggle and entering the necessary details:

When done press Update and the changes will come into force.

Importing Contacts

To import a single contact press the Add Single Contact button at the top of the Contacts screen:

For a contact to be logged on the Platform it must include at least one valid contact detail – phone number or email.

To import numerous Contacts press the Import Contacts button at the top of the Contacts screen:

This will lead us to the Contacts Import Four-Stage wizard:

Stage 1 – Import

Offers two importing options:

  1. Import by typing or pasting copied information in the box:

The details are to be entered in a row. To view examples of formats click the View examples link on the top right-hand corner.

2. Import by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. To upload the sheet press the Upload button on the File upload tab:

To ensure the details are logged well it is recommended to download the example file and insert the information you wish to upload in it.

Once the file is uploaded you will see its name on the screen.

Press the Continue button to proceed to the second Stage of the wizard.

Stage 2 – Field Assignment

In this Stage you will ensure that the columns uploaded are associated to the correct Contact fields you have on the Platform in order for the data to be stored correctly. The Platform automatically assigns fields it recognizes. Any assignment can be changed by selecting a relevant option from the column header dropdown menu. Columns marked in orange are those that cannot be assigned automatically and therefore require manual assignment. If you do not wish to assign a certain field select the Ignore option:

Once done press continue.

Stage 3– Group Assignment

At this Stage you will be required to assign the newly imported contacts to the Group of your choice. You can assign them to a new Group, you can assign them to an existing Group and you can assign them to no Group at all, in which case they will be “floating” Contacts.

When done press Continue.

(Note: if the Group association was covered in the upload Stage the Platform will skip this Stage and will move on to the next).

Stage 4 – Summary

At this Stage the upload process has been completed and the Platform provides a summary of its outcome. You will see the number of New Contacts uploaded and the number of Existing Contacts updated. As well if any details have not been uploaded due to incompatible data you will be able to export them from the file the Platform provides to allow fixing on your end and uploading again once fixed:

Group Management

To reach the Group Management area press the Groups button on the Contacts screen:

On the Groups screen you will find all the Groups set on the Platform todate. For each you will see how many active Contacts it includes, when was it created, what type of Group it is and more.

When hovering over a grid line action buttons will appear. With them you will be able to view the Contacts affiliated to the Group, edit the Group and delete it. Further action options are available under the top Actions button:

These include assign or unassigned contacts to Group, merge two Groups and more.

To Create a new Group press the Create Group button:

This will lead to the Group creation screen where you will set the Group attributes (such as Category for tagging purposes) and will import Contacts to the Group:

Optout Management

Optouts on the Platform are managed at a contact detail level – Phone number and Email address apart.

On the Optouts screen you will find all optouts accumulated todate – those optouted on your initiative and those who optedout on their own account.

Hovering over each grid-line will allow you to change the Optout status of the contact detail and view its history. To import Optouts press on the Import Optouts button:

To import Optouts type or paste the list of details to be optedout in the box.

These are to be placed in a column format one after the other:

Next insert your details on the right and press on the Remove button.

The Optouts will be immediately processed by the Platform. As soon as optedout you will not be able to send messages to the numbers appearing on the list. That is true also in the event you include them in the recipients designated to receive a message you are sending.

Field Management

The fields allow us to organize the Contacts data we wish to store on the Platform in a methodical way as to allow managing our sendings accordingly. We will access the Fields Management area by pressing the Manage Fields button on the Contacts screen:

The Platform offers numerous default fields:

As well it enables creating up to 20 customizable fields for your convenience. To add a Custom Field press on the Add option and create it as per your needs:

To manage fields by API we recommend using the API Info. option:

Once you’ve created your fields you will see them on the Contact editing screen and will be able to upload Contacts to the Platform bearing information concerning these fields and create dynamic Contact Groups on basis of these fields.