How can I manage my Contacts on the Platform?
5th November 2018
How can I edit a Contact on the Platform?
6th November 2018

How can I import Contacts?

The Contacts Management area is accessible from the Platform toolbar:

and from within the SMS module:

To import a single contact press the Add Single Contact button at the top of the Contacts screen:

For a contact to be logged on the Platform it must include at least one valid contact detail – phone number or email.

To import numerous Contacts press the Import Contacts button at the top of the Contacts screen:

This will lead us to the Contacts Import Four-Stage wizard:

Stage 1 – Import

Offers two importing options:

  1. Import by typing or pasting copied information in the box:

The details are to be entered in a row. To view examples of formats click the View examples link on the top right-hand corner.

2. Import by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. To upload the sheet press the Upload button on the File upload tab:

To ensure the details are logged well it is recommended to download the example file and insert the information you wish to upload in it.

Once the file is uploaded you will see its name on the screen.

Press the Continue button to proceed to the second Stage of the wizard.

Stage 2 – Field Assignment

In this Stage you will ensure that the columns uploaded are associated to the correct Contact fields you have on the Platform in order for the data to be stored correctly. The Platform automatically assigns fields it recognizes. Any assignment can be changed by selecting a relevant option from the column header dropdown menu. Columns marked in orange are those that cannot be assigned automatically and therefore require manual assignment. If you do not wish to assign a certain field select the Ignore option:

Once done press continue.

Stage 3– Group Assignment

At this Stage you will be required to assign the newly imported contacts to the Group of your choice. You can assign them to a new Group, you can assign them to an existing Group and you can assign them to no Group at all, in which case they will be “floating” Contacts.

When done press Continue.

(Note: if the Group association was covered in the upload Stage the Platform will skip this Stage and will move on to the next).

Stage 4 – Summary

At this Stage the upload process has been completed and the Platform provides a summary of its outcome. You will see the number of New Contacts uploaded and the number of Existing Contacts updated. As well if any details have not been uploaded due to incompatible data you will be able to export them from the file the Platform provides to allow fixing on your end and uploading again once fixed:

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